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Podcast Review: Biz III
"This week's Podcast Review is about another terrific small business podcast, BizIII by Mike Hughes and Les Bain.
In daily, small digestible chunks Mike and Les provide you the latest insight into online marketing, media, applications and more."

Feedback from Listeners

Larry Ketron
"The BizIII info is great and you are fabulous presenting it. Seriously. Thanks much and I look forward to talking to you more about it. L."
Larry Liebengood
"The Biz site and your new Marketability site are amazing.
Tip-o-the-hat to you. Very well done."
Tim Morse
"... the podcasts came out quite brilliantly! All of us at BizX (24 of us) between here in Oakland AND up in our Seattle office ... listened to them in earnest."