Fred Williamson
NAPTE (National Association of Television Program Executives) - Mike Hughes interviews Fred Williamson, host of Sexual Predator Alert.
Byron Allen
NAPTE (National Association of Television Program Executives) - Mike Hughes interviews Byron Allen of Entertainment Studios.
Ben Mendelson
NAPTE (National Association of Television Program Executives) - Mike Hughes interviews Ben Mendelson of Interactive TV Today.
Anne Elliot
NAPTE (National Association of Television Program Executives) - Mike Hughes interviews Anne Elliot, Nielsen Media Research Vice President of Marketing Communications.
Pay Per Click gets an update from is a new media venture that could be a good place to advertise.
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click is a powerful targeted way to find new clients.
Audio Video
What does the emphasis on audio and video mean to your business?
Is your business searchable? What does that mean?
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
What is RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and what does it mean for your business.
Check out Rocketboom for an introduction to a new media video blog.
CBS Profits Drop
The old media is not making as much money - what does that mean for your business
BizIII progress
The BizIII philosophy of setting the process and then improving the process.
iTunes hits one Billion
One billion items have been sold at the iTunes store.
Confusion about New Media Terms
Discussion of the confusion around new media terms.
Interactive Media
Interactive Media - what is it and what does it mean, including an interact News site -
Naked Conversations
A new book about Blogging and how it changes the conversation about Business.
A website that blends old and new media.
A website that brings borrowers and lenders together.
How to use New Media
A step-by-step approach to using new media to grow your business.
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a term that identifies some internet trends.
Billionaires involved with Search
Which of the billionaires from the USA are involved with Search?
Email Marketing
Email Marketing is not always spam. Email marketing can be profitable.
Information Age
What is the Information Age? Sorting through the information glut.
Open Directory
The Open Directory is an organized list of websites.
Traditional Mass Media - Television
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Television.
Traditional Mass Media - Radio
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Radio.
Traditional Mass Media - Newspapers
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Newspapers.
Traditional Mass Media - Magazines
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Magazines.
Traditional Mass Media - Infomercials
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Infomercials.
Traditional Mass Media - Catalogs
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Catalogs.
Traditional Mass Media - Credit Card Syndication
Discussion about Traditional Mass Media - Credit Card Syndication.
Google Adwords adds Demographics
Google Adwords adds Demographics for Sex, Age, and Income.
Consumer Choice with Ads
In the world of advertising, the Consumer has more choices.
Local Search
Local Search Economics.
Business Communication
Thinking about New Media.
Web on your Cell Phone
Accessing the web using your cell phone.
Take Action
We encourage everyone to take action to be successful.
The Internet and Broadband
Re-Thinking Internet Marketing and Broadband.
Old vs. New Media
What is the difference between Old and New Media.
Karen Frank - Personal Branding Videos
Interview with Karen Frank about Personal Branding Videos
Karen Frank - Business Networking International
Interview with Karen Frank about Business Networking International.
NAB - National Association of Broadcasters
Mike Hughes reports on the Convention of the National Association of Broadcasters.
NAB - Cable
Mike Hughes reports on the Convention of the National Association of Broadcasters - the Cable Business.
Advertising on Demand
Discussion with Karen Frank about Advertising on Demand.
NBC mandates interactivity.
NBC mandates a fan interaction for every show.
Message + Marketing = Money.
BizIII promotes a new slogan: Message + Marketing = Money.
Old media vs. New media companies.
NBC, CBS, ABC vs. Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
New Yahoo Search.
New Yahoo Search Methods - New Media Marketing. is a new online coupon service.
Sony Chairman Quote
Sony Chairman Quote - the change in business technology is like the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs.
Social Networking
Social Networking is hot - we discuss it.
The Einstein Quote
The Einstein Quote - to understand you have to simplify.
Google Trends
A new service from Google - see graphs of search trends.
Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) Quote
Steve Ballmer quote: as we evolve Microsoft from a software company to ... a provider of online media.
Mike Hughes interviews David Gallagher about iSale
Mike Hughes at MacWorld interviews David Gallagher about iSales from - help with eBay auctions.
Chris Haddawy of BizXchange
Chris Haddawy of BizXchange discusses opportunities for businesses to get more customers by trading.
Chris Haddawy of BizXchange discusses media opportunities
Chris Haddawy of BizXchange discusses creative advertising opportunities.
Chris Haddawy of BizXchange discusses small business issues
Chris Haddawy of BizXchange discusses small business issues, including how to get more customers and how to reduce costs.
Interview with Earl Mann, Sales and Marketing Executive
Earl Mann talks about digital revolution - the access and effectiveness.
Small Business Trends Reviews BizIII
Small Business Trends Reviews BizIII and Gives us a Nice Review. See our link to BizIII in the News.
The world of hyperlinks on the Web
Hyperlinks as a currency on the Web.
Alvin and Heidi Toffler - Revolutionary Wealth
We review a new book - Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin and Heidi Toffler.
Creating the Message for your Business
Tips on creating the message for your business - from elevator speeches to keywords.
Fine Tuning your Message for the New Media
Tips on fine tuning your business message for New Media.
BizIII analytics
BizIII continues to grow in numbers of visitors and subscriptions.
Skype - Phone calls on the Internet
Skype - making telephone calls on the Internet ... and a special offer.
Information about 411
How to save money on 411 - use 1-800-FREE411.
Free 411 and More
Free 411 and more - the 411 on targeting your advertising.
Got Voice turns voice mail into email.
Get your existing voice mail in your email mailbox. gives people an easy way to charge for phone consulting, phone support, or phone advice.
Support groups to help market with new media.
We recommend user groups or support groups - to figure out how to market your businesses using new media.
What is a Podcast?
BizIII is a daily podcast, but what is a podcast?
Use podcasts to deliver your message.
Podcasts are an effective way to deliver your message
Search Engine Optimization and Public Relations.
Our Guest, Earl Mann, helps us compare Search Engine Optimization and Public Relations
Social Networking.
We discuss Social Networking with our guest, Earl Mann
Viral Marketing.
We discuss Viral Marketing with our guest, Earl Mann
What If.
Earl Mann is our guest, we ask him "What If"?
What If You are Not Using the New Tools?
Earl Mann is our guest, we ask him "What If you do not use the new tools?"
Local Search
We talk with our guest, Earl Mann, about Local Search
Direct Marketing Association Trade Show - DM Days
Mike Hughes reports on Direct Marketing Association Trade Show called DM Days.
Trade Shows and BizIII
Mike Hughes reports on Direct Marketing Association Trade Show called DM Days - Trade Shows.
Webmaster Radio - audio on demand at WebmasterRadio.FM
Mike Hughes reports on Direct Marketing Association Trade Show called DM Days - Webmaster Radio at WebmasterRadio.FM.
Pheedo - RSS + Weblog Marketing Solutions
Mike Hughes reports on Direct Marketing Association Trade Show called DM Days -
DM Days - Summary of various companies
Mike Hughes reports on Direct Marketing Association Trade Show called DM Days - Summary.
Status of BizIII
The status of BizIII and some Media News.
Introducing the Virtual Trade Show
Talking about BizIII, the audio, the videos, the geek Blog, and Introducing the Virtual Trade Show.
Cutting your ad Budget
Some considerations on cutting your ad budget.
Cutting your ad Budget - more ideas
Some more considerations on cutting your ad budget.
Rethinking Web sites
It is time to rethink websites: the website should be a sales robot on the Internet. It should reflect your passion.
Video has gears like a transmission.
Media provides many choices today: we do an analogy to gears in a transmission.
Charity events for positive public relations
Use your charity events for positive public relations.
MobiTV is getting Venture Capital.
MobiTV is getting Venture Capital. MobiTV delivers TV to your Mobile Phone.
Reputation Management on the Internet.
Tips on managing your Internet Reputation for both Individuals and Businesses.
Google Adwords Help
Introducing a Google Group that provides help for Google Adwords.
The essence of Marketing and Making Money
Message + Marketing = Money is the essence of Marketing and Making Money.
The Headline for your Marketing Message
The Headline for your Marketing Message - the essence of your Message.
The Unique Selling Proposition
What is the Unique Selling Proposition? The key to selling your business.
Quality, Service and Price - pick 2
In the Unique Selling Proposition, consider Quality, Service and Price.
Consider for your business - Quality, Service and Price
For your business, consider Quality, Service and Price to define your Unique Selling Proposition.
Your message translated into Search Engine Keywords
Translating your message and your Unique Selling Proposition into Search Engine Keywords.
What are Search Engine Keywords?
What are Search Engine Keywords and how do Keywords relate to your Business Message.
Search Engine Optimization tips and hints
Thinking about Search Engine Optimization for your business.
Thinking about money
Your business needs to create value in order to get money.
Summary of Message + Marketing = Money
Summary of Message + Marketing = Money - stayed tuned to BizIII for ways to use New Media to deliver your message.
Adjust to hit the younger Market.
Businesses must make adjustments to hit the Younger Market.
Marketing to the Under 35 Crowd.
Marketing to the Under 35 Crowd - consider Instant Messaging.
AOL is now free for broadband users.
AOL changes some services from subscription to free and changes its business model from subscription to advertising.
The Small Business Failure Rate
Small Business Administration announces the failure rate of small businesses: 50% the first year, 95% over 5 years.
Maximizing your advertising dollar.
Maximizing your advertising dollar - learning about negotiation and remnant media advertising.
Google goes offline: ABC goes online.
Looking at the confluence of media - with Google going offline, and ABC going online.
Baby Boomers and Millennials.
Discussing the Baby Boomers and the Millenials.
Convergence of Old and New Media / Baby Boomers and Millennials.
Convergence of Old and New Media and Marketing to Baby Boomers and Millennials.
Hello World - Video for Everyone.
Introducing Hello World where the New Media is ready for all to use.
How to do a video email using Hello World.
Demonstrating using Hello World to create and send a video email.
Audio and Video on the Internet.
Audio and Video on the Internet - Getting Started.
Audio and Video on the Internet.
Audio and Video on the Internet - using the right kind of Audio and Video.
Audio and Video in your Emails.
Audio and Video on the Internet - using Audio and Video in your emails.
Audio and Video on your Blogs.
Audio and Video on the Internet - using Audio and Video on your Blogs.
Professional Audio and Video on the Internet.
Audio and Video on the Internet - using Professional Quality.
MySpace is publishing a magazine.
We see a tipping point for new media - MySpace is going to publish a magazine.
Feedback provides ways to improve.
Some helpful feedback from a listener, and some options for further feedback.
Google Catalog Search.
Google has a new function - Print Catalog Search.
Effective Radio Marketing.
Making Radio Marketing and Advertising more Effective - Use Your Own Voice.
Holistic Approach to Marketing
Holistic Approach to Marketing with Larry Harris.
Discussion on Getting Publicity with guest Larry Harris.
Alternative Marketing Ideas.
Alternative Marketing with guest Larry Harris.
Ultimate Local Marketing.
Ultimate Summary of Components for Local Marketing.
BizIII RSS Feed Updates.
BizIII improves the RSS feed with graphics and email capability.
BizIII as Learning Tool.
BizIII is a learning tool using New Media for a Changing Environment.
Mobile Video Update.
Mobile Video Update - to IPods (MP3 Players) and Cell Phones.
BizIII Audio Improvement
BizIII Audio Update - Processes and Systems.
Video Ads are Effective Online.
CNN study says 98% watch ads in front of video on demand.
ERA - Electronic Retailing Association
Mike Hughes is off to Las Vegas to a conference - Electronic Retailing Association.
Google now has local coupons.
Add your business and a coupon to Google Local Business Center to be found in Google Local Search.
Mass Marketing is Dead.
We discuss the quote from the CEO of Proctor and Gamble - Mass Marketing is Dead.
Mass Marketing is Dead - Another Story
A story about the quote from the CEO of Proctor and Gamble - Mass Marketing is Dead.
Emails can be easily misunderstood.
Emails can be misunderstood - some studies that show how much.
Single Page Aggregators - like
We discuss Portals that summarize the Internet buzz, and include links to Digg, Flickr, and YouTube.
Statistics about Podcasts.
Statistics about Podcasts - There are now more Podcasts than Radio Stations.
Action Programs.
BizIII is going to do some action programs to provide Technical Help.
Direct Response
Mike reports on his visit to the Electronic Retailing Association Conference - Direct Response.
Remnant Media
Mike reports on his visit to the Electronic Retailing Association Conference - Remnant Media.
Forbes Riley
Mike reports on his visit to the Electronic Retailing Association Conference - Forbes Riley.
Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging - Microsoft Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger can now communicate.
Yahoo Ads are Down.
Yahoo Advertising is down partly because of auto ads; Auto sales are down partly because of Yahoo.
User Generated Ads
We discuss user generated advertising and discuss a couple of examples.
Ebook Ads
Ebooks are being offered for free with targeted ads.
Adsense and Splogs
Adsense - use it to make a few bucks ... and a caution about Splogs.
Microsoft Ad Center
The Microsoft Ad Center Product is available for Websites and Blogs.
BizIII milestone - 150 shows
BizIII hits a milestone with 150 podcasts
Direct Marketing Association Conference
Direct Marketing Association Conference in San Francisco
A warning about Phishing, a dangerous type of email. See for an anti-phishing service.
Google Local Search
Google Local Search - use zip code in Google for local search.
Gadgets and Widgets
Google gadgets can now be put on your blog and website.
Web Based Systems
Web Based Systems vs. Desktop Based Systems
Building Web Based Systems
Google and other companies are building Web Based Systems
Shrink Wrap Products vs. Web Based Systems
Shrink Wrap Applications (Retail) vs. Web Based Applications (Ad supported)
Software as a Service
Software as a Service describes software that is run from the Internet on a subscription basis.
Microsoft Office Online?
Various companies are competing to deliver the suite of office products as web based systems.
A PC is a Data Center
If you have a PC on your desktop, you have a Data Center with all the issues.
Steve Balmer takes about Web Based Systems
Microsoft is moving quickly to compete in the world of Web Based Systems
Lots of Betas with Web Based Systems
Web Based Systems are released in Betas, have frequent updates, and are often free.
Product = Marketing
Web Based systems are a great example of product = marketing.
Flexibility = Success
Small Businesses are successful as they are flexible like Web Based systems
The role of Browsers
Browsers are playing a more important role because of Web Based Systems.
Current Status of Browsers
Current Status of Browsers including Market Share and the new versions of Internet Explorer and FireFox.
What is Ajax and why is that important
Web Based Systems are built for Browsers using a set of technologies called Ajax.
Online Office Systems
Companies are building online systems that provide Office functionality online.
Why use Web-Based Systems
Web based systems are often free, available from multiple computers, flexible, and they promote collaboration
100 million websites
Netcraft announced that there are now 100 million websites on the Internet. What does that mean?
Action Programs
BizIII is going to do Action Programs. Suggestions are welcome.
The Long Tail
We discuss the book The Long Tail, Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson.
Long Tail and Production
Long Tail is particularly appropriate for Information Content that can be produced on demand.
The Media Revolution
Thinking about the Media Revolution and its impact on Local Advertising.
Internet Presence
Your Internet Presence should extend beyond your Website and your Blog.
Social Media Defined
What is Social Media and How can it be used to Improve Your Business.
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization is using Social Media Sites effectively to Promote Your Business.
Social Media and Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs need to pick and choose Social Media sites that will help their businesses.
Social Media Types
Social Media Types include Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Social Content, Social News, Wikis, and more.
Social Media and Tagging
Social Media often uses Tagging to organize content. What is tagging?
Social Media - kinds of users
We discuss social media and the Creatives, Contributors, and Consumers.
Social Media and Mass Media
Tips for using Social Networking sites.
Social News
Social Media includes Social News sites. Social News sites lets users interact with the news.
Social Content
Social Media websites include Social Content websites for sharing photographs, videos, and other types of content.
Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking websites are for saving and sharing Favorites or Bookmarks, which are URLs of Websites you want to save.
Using Social Bookmarking
Using Social Bookmarking websites like to find information from experts.
We discuss the website called It is easy to set up a website and upload video.
Using in creative ways to build your internet presence, add video, and make changes.
What is Astroturfing?
Social Media sites can create grass roots marketing: trying to fake grass roots efforts is called astroturfing.
Niche Social Media Websites
Social Media sites exist for niche markets.
Converting means completing a transaction when someone visits your website, including sales, sign-ups, or other actions. is a web based system for editing videos online, for free video clips, and for storing videos.
Google Local Search with Phone Call
Google Local Search now allows the one to generate a phone call from the search results.
Be Coachable!
Be Coachable - Listen, Process and Apply.
Be Coachable with New Media
Being Coachable with New Media. for Intelligent Shopping
Call to get prices of items on the Internet.
Custom US Postage Stamps
Use custom US Postage Stamps with your Business logo or Personal Picture for unusual marketing.
Charity Tips
A couple of tips on new ways to be charitable for this time of year.
Microsoft Product Search
Microsoft Live now has Product Search and Retailers can load their products into the Microsoft catalog.
Google Checkout
Google Checkout is a product to process online sales transactions with no fees from now to the end of the year.
Why do we need to be Coachable?
Some Illustrations and Stories about being Coachable.
US Postal Mail
A new service, Remote Control Mail, will turn your US Postal Mail into digital email - the Million Dollar Webpage Revisited.
Happy Holidays
Mike and Les wish everyone the best of the Holidays
Podcast Statistics
Podcasts Statistics about who listens to podcasts, who subscribes, and how they listen.
Podcasts on the Telephone
New services provide ways to listen to podcasts on your Telephone.
Listen and Discover Podcasts with Noisely is a service that will pay Podcasts continuously on a particular subject.
Get Paid to Surf? is a new version of the Pay to Surf business model. Will it work this time?
Happy New Year
Mike and Les wish everyone a Great New Year.
Internet Advertising
Internet advertising for continues to grow.
Google Video
Google Video is offering unlimited video storage and video bandwidth free.
Everyone needs to be Coachable
Everyone needs to be Coachable, and a illustration from the book Think and Grow Rich.
A social media content site for data. Upload data, graph trends, and comment.
CES - Consumer Electronics Show
CES, the Consumer Electronics Show opens today in Las Vegas.
Time Magazine Person of the Year
Time Magazine picks You for the Person of the Year.
Traffic Geyser
Traffic Geyser helps get your video to lots of video sites.
Traffic Geyser and Video
Traffic Geyser is fee based, but it saves time and can help with search results.
Good Criticism
Good constructive criticism is rare but valued.
Review of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show
Mike returns from CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
New Television Networks.
Mike learned about some new television networks at CES.
New Television Networks Discussed.
We discuss the new Television Networks that Mike saw at CES.
Four Screens: TV, PC, Movie Theater, and Mobile Device
At CES, there was discussion about the four screens: TV, PC, Movie Theater, and mobile devices.
Apple announces the iPhone
MacWorld was held this week and Apple announced the iPhone.
Review of NATPE, the National Association of Television Program Executives.
Mike returns from NATPE, the National Association of Television Program Executives.
NATPE - what is a Television Program Executive.
The National Association of Television Program Executives - What is a Television Program Executive.
NATPE - AOL is doing Video Search.
At NATPE, AOL discusses their focus on doing Video Search.
NATPE - some Companies.
National Association of Television Program Executives - Some companies to watch.
PCWorld at NATPE
PCWorld evaluates the top websites in 40 categories, including word processing and calendaring.
The 2007 Bloggies.
The 2007 Bloggies are awarded to the best blogs in various categories. Vote now for your favorites.
Google and YouTube.
Google and YouTube announce some improvements including Google Search for YouTube.
Be coachable about Video.
Be coachable about video. We discuss some sites that provide more serious videos.
Direct Response on the Internet.
Some stories of how Direct Response is growing on the Internet.
Googlebombing and Search.
Google fixed googlebombing by updating the search algorithm.
Thinking about marketing as a game, with rules and limits.
Security Alerts.
Security Alert on WiFi at airports, make sure you are using the Airport or Airlines WiFi.
Optimization of the use of Search, Social Media, and Media to grow your business.
Some websites of note.
Some websites to help you optimize: and
The BizIII Website.
The BizIII Website demonstrates what we discuss on the podcasts.
Leverage BizIII.
Use BizIII as leverage with your clients, with your recruiting, or with your sales.
Advertising on your Website.
Should you put advertising on your website?
Google Adsense.
Use Google Adsense to put advertising on your website or blog
Amazon Affiliate Program.
Discussing the Amazon Affiliate Program.
Wikis and Wikipedia.
Using Wikis and Wikipedia.
Blogging Services.
PC World ranks the top 5 Blogging Services.
Daylight Savings Time.
Daylight Savings Time has changed in 2007. Tips on what to do to make sure your computers are ready.
Local Search.
Three tips on optimizing to be found on Local Search.
Google Office.
Google announces an online Office product for the enterprise at $50 per person a year.
Backing up Data with
Carbonite provides off site backup. It backs up the data on your local computer to a Carbonite server over the internet.
BizIII 250th podcast.
This is the 250th BizIII podcast. Mike and Les mark the milestone.
Online TV/Video Networks.
Looking at the new online TV/Video Networks.
More Online TV/Video Networks.
More Information about the new online TV/Video Networks.
Some specific online TV/Video Networks.
Some specific online TV/Video Networks, including and
Is Video effective for B2B?
We know video works for B2C (Business to Consumer) companies. Does video work as well for (B2B) Business to Business companies?
Using the Online TV/Video Networks.
How to use the new Online TV/Video Networks to promote your business.
Putting ads on the online TV/Video Networks.
Online TV/Video Networks are a blend of old media and technology. There are advertising sites that will put ads on your video to generate revenue.
Online TV/Video Networks on cell phones.
Online TV/Video Networks for your cell phone. Your videos can be shown online and on cell phones.
Wall Street Journal is going on YouTube.
Wall Street Journal announces it is going on YouTube because it is all about getting traffic
YouTube has traffic - but traffic is fluid.
YouTube has lots of traffic - but it must solve problems like copyright. Traffic is fluid and must be earned over and over.
Fake My Space.
Fake My Space is an example of one phoney way to generate traffic.
Buying Traffic.
Buying votes on to generate traffic as opposed to earning traffic.
YouTube shares the Wealth.
YouTube is creating new channels for content partners. YouTube is sharing revenue with these partners. and citizen journalism., a news site with user content, is now going to supply Associated Press with stories.
Sync mail on laptop and desktops.
Three ways to sync email on laptop and desktop, including PDA, web-based email, or remote access.
One Year Anniversary of BizIII.
We reflect on one year of BizIII podcasts.
Professional Networking.
The new media is about Professional Networking: old media is about advertising.
Essence of Success is Professional Networking.
Tips for using Professional Networking to create your Unique Selling Proposition. is a service that provides a way to generate email from a phone call - a virtual way to jot it down.
How to use new media to promote physical products.
The New Media can be used to promote physical products as well as digital products.
Video Tips - Lighting and Background.
Tips on lighting and backgrounds when creating video.
Internet Statistics.
Some Internet Statistics about blogging, podcast and tagging.
Cyber Stress Statistics.
Sixty-Five percent of Americans spend more time with their computer than their spouse.
An idea on computer services.
An opportunity idea to provide computer services to the aging baby boomers.
Improve the odds for your business.
Understanding and improving your odds by using professional networking.
A Twilight Zone Story from Mike.
Mike tells a Twilight Zone Story - is it a coincidence or an unexplained event.
Search Tips.
Some quick tips for search.
Simply Google.
Simply Google is a one page front end to Google search, that identifies the different types of search one can do.
Clustered Search.
Google returns search results on a list, others return search results in clusters.
MetaSearch engines bring back results from multiple search engines.
Natural Language Search.
Natural Language Search means searching by asking questions like you would to a friend or librarian.
Personal Information Management.
Personal Information Management enables organizing by calendar, tasks, contacts and notes.
Personal Information Management Tools.
Personal Information Management Tools can be time savers, but they are also time consumers.
What is a Prosumer and Why is that Important.
What is a Prosumer and Why is that Important - Prosumers are consumers that are involved
Angel Capital
Angel Capital Association is an organization of Angel Investors.
Student Interns
Consider using Student Interns for the Summer.
National Association of Broadcasters
Mike is going to the conference of National Association of Broadcasters.
National Association of Broadcasters
Some discussion about the National Association of Broadcasters.
TV Weekly Magazine features Internet TV
TV Weekly Magazine, the traditional magazine of TV, now has many articles on Internet TV
Yahoo offers unlimited email space
Yahoo email now features unlimited free storage.
National Association of Broadcasters and Earth Day
National Association of Broadcasters demonstrates how we can be eco-friendly - use technology and not travel.
National Association of Broadcasters
National Association of Broadcasters - tips about Web Marketing.
National Association of Broadcasters - online TV Networks
National Association of Broadcasters - what is new with online TV Networks.
Internet Connectivity
A story about Internet Connectivity - a story of two contrasting websites.
Internet Reputation Management
To manage access to your Website, make sure you manage your reputation.
Blog Talk Radio
Create a live Blog Radio Talk Show with Blog Talk Radio.
Zip Car
Zip Car is a new service that allows short term car rental at major metropolitan areas.
Internet Profiles
Some concepts about Internet Profiles and some companies that are trying to solve the issue.
Doable Marketing
A recommendation on do-able, no-excuse Marketing - getting started with Video.
Google Buys DoubleClick
Google buys DoubleClick for 3 billion dollars to help manage online advertising.
BizIII - 300 shows.
BizIII has done 300 shows as of today. We look back over time.
BizIII - Process Improvement.
Continuous Process Improvement means change. You have to be open to change.
NAB - the value of comments.
Mike reports from National Association of Broadcasters on the value of comments.
Using comments to market.
The value of comments in Internet Marketing, including comments, trackbacks, and audio and video comments.
Website Design versus Website Development.
Website Design with HTML and CSS contrasted with Website Development using tools like PHP and MySQL.
Joost provides a way to get Television on your computer with just an Internet Connection and the Joost Download. is improving the cost of advertising by providing higher quality video.
Dell is selling PCs with Ubuntu.
Dell is now selling PCs with the operating system called Ubuntu, which is a version of Linux.
Free things on the Internet.
Examining the trend on the Internet that many things are free. What to do about that.
Follow the Money.
A way to use Venture Capital for free. Pay attention to where Venture Capital is going. Let them do the research. Then follow the money.
About Les Bain
We respond to listener requests, and provide some background on Les Bain.
About Mike Hughes
We respond to listener requests, and provide some background on Mike Hughes.
About Wizard Creek Consulting.
We respond to listener requests: Les Bain talks about his company Wizard Creek Consulting.
About Market Ability, Inc.
We respond to listener requests: Mike Hughes talks about his company Market Ability, Inc.
English Majors.
Les Bain and Mike Hughes are both English Majors. We talk about English, Fiction, Communication and the Human element.
Attracting Money
The Secret says we should say attract more money instead of make more money.
the Law of Attraction
Discussing the Law of Attraction and the Movie about the Law of Attraction called The Secret.
Changing your mindset to work smarter.
Thinking about the Law of Attraction and the power of thoughts to work smarter.
A creative use of CAPTCHAs.
A very creative use of CAPTCHAs to digitize public domain books.
Online Advertising.
Google is announcing adsense for video. Online advertising continues to grow into audio and video.
Next Internet Millionaire Contest.
Check out the for an interesting contest.
Positive Thinking
Direct Response Marketers that are successful are Postive Thinkers.
Being a mentor, and having mentors. Some well known mentors are Alex Mandossian, Armond Morin, and Rick Raddatz
What is Mentoring?
Mentoring is helping someone find their way down a path that you already know.
The Master Mind Group.
A Master Mind Group is an organized group of Mentors who help each other.
Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show.
Mike reports from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show about current trends on Direct Response Marketing.
More from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show.
Mike reports from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show about the current trends on using catalogs in Direct Response Marketing.
More from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show.
Mike reports from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show about the current trends on using postcards in Direct Response Marketing.
More from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show.
Mike reports from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show about the current trends on using video in Direct Response Marketing.
More from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show.
Mike reports from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance Trade Show about using the complete set of Marketing Tools to make an outstanding offer.
Google Street View.
Google releases Street View as a part of Local Search with both good and bad ramifications.
Amazon aStore.
Les created an online book store using the new Amazon tool called the Astore in less than 20 minutes.
Postcard Marketing is popular and one of the best websites to research Postcard Marketing is
More about has White Pagers on Marketing. You can touch a potential customer 12 times in a year for approximately $3.00 using postcards.
More about
Postcard Marketing has good marketing information. We review some of that material.
Google Gears.
Google Gears provides the capability to run Google Applications on the desktop when there is no online connectivity.
Google Trends.
Google Trends is another way to watch the buzz on the Internet. It is another system that shows what is hot.
Google Policing the Web.
Google is starting to identify websites that are potentially dangerous and show a warning on the Search Results.
Google Earth
Google Earth was supposedly used by terrorists to research an area they wanted to bomb.
A Video Technique
A technique we call the Buddy Video for creating Video. We discuss our experience using the Buddy Technique.
Apple iPhone.
The Apple iPhone was announced this week to much market buzz.
Marketing and the iPhone.
Thinking about Marketing and the new Apple iPhone. It represents a dramatic change.
Marketing to iPhone users.
Thinking about the iPhone and how it affects Marketing. A tip on getting out of a cell phone contract in order to use iPhone.
Marketing in the iPhone age.
Marketing in the iPhone age. The iPhone is an example of technology that is easy to use. It is not about Technology, it is about making Technology usable.
Manhattan Media Services
Introducing Manhattan Media Services and the President Marianna Morella, a company that specializes in direct response print advertising. See
Creating Small URLs.
Two services that help to communicate long complicated URLs. and make large URLs shorter.
Change your business information on Local Search.
Add or edit your business information on Google Local Search, changing information about your business including hours, websites, and pictures..
Video online ads are hot. We look at a service called that has services for publishers and advertisers.
Continuous Partial Attention
Linda Stone and others are discussing Continuous Partial Attention, where we continue to scan the edges with partial attention.
Measuring Website Activity
Nielsen is starting a new kind of web analytics which measures provides Website analytics by time spent on a website. It reflects the new emphasis on Video and websites built with AJAX. is a one stop place to get technical issues resolved. There are online gurus, a knowledge center, and lists of local technicians. is a search engine that is Human Generated. People generate search result pages for specific terms. Volunteers are being sought.
Free Stuff.
Free stuff on the Internet at,, and Some are free, some are for trade. Find some free stuff.
Some news stories about malware. Google is looking for malware. Viruses are 25 years old this year. Rival gangs are fighting over zombie computers.
MSN search.
MSN search is growing according to The Microsoft product for ads is called adCenter. Looking at MSN categories.
Les uses to generate this podcast. It is not studio quality, but it demonstrates the ease that one can do a podcast using a cell phone and a free service.
Email and Instant Messaging
Les interviews his teenage daughter to discuss the Internet generation gap. Teenagers use more instant messaging. Adults use more email.
Internet Safety.
Les interviews his teenage daughter to discuss the Internet generation gap. Teenagers and Internet Safety.
Harry Potter and Forums.
Les interviews his teenage daughter to discuss the Internet generation gap. The last Harry Potter book went on sale and caused some interesting reaction on Internet Forums.
Teenagers and Web 2.0.
Les interviews his teenage daughter to discuss the Internet generation gap. Teenagers and Web 2.0.
Les interviews his teenage daughter to discuss the Internet generation gap. Teenagers and Cyberbullying.
Continuous Partial Attention
Les interviews his teenage daughter to discuss the Internet generation gap. Teenagers and Continuous Partial Attention.
Audio on the Internet
We review 4 different websites that provide audio on the internet -,, and
Business Bibs
Video is about perception - we review that sells pseudo business suits as bibs that velcro up the back to use in videos. is a website where anyone can create a webpage or lens by filling in the blanks. It is also potentially a way to make money because any earned ad revenue is shared.
People Search.
We discuss six websites that do people search using various techniques. If you are searching for someone on the Internet, here are six services to try. is a way to read books by having a bit of the book sent everyday using either email or RSS. Take 5 minutes out of your email reading to read a part of a book.
Social Shopping
We review some social shopping sites. Social Shopping websites combine Social Media functionality with shopping information to help you shop more intelligently. is a website that is by entrepreneurs for entrepreneus. It is the largest online community of startups. It is free website with lots of good information. is a website that promotes products. Its motto - as seen on PC - derives from the old as seen on TV motto often used in advertising. is a social network for independent professionals. Biznik brings people and business together. There are global connections and local meetings. is a website that allows you to host your own internet radio show. There are other services that can do this, but is a very straight forward way to creat an Internet radio show.
The Internet as the New Mean Streets
The Internet is starting to look like the new mean streets. We discuss two news stories. MySpace deleted 29,000 pedophiles. USA Today reported on various problems on the Internet.
Baynote taps into the invisible crowd to help businesses improve their conversion rate. Baynote tracks behavior of people when they visit the website. provides a full suite of online office tools. Most of the tools are available free. Zoho now has 300,000 users and is adding products rapidly.
Blog 2 Print is a service that converts a Blog done on the Google Blogger system into a book. It provides a widget to put on the blog to sell the book. The blogger gets 20% of the book price.
The Next Internet Millionaire is the first Internet reality show. The contestants compete to partner on an Internet Marketing project.
Launch Tags is a website that allows people to create mini pages on any topic. It is a fill in the blanks site on any topic. Create a page and get a link back to your website or blog.
Create Space provides a way to create and sell content online. It is on-demand publishing. Distribution is through There are no setup fees.
Click Tale provides a new exciting way to measure website analytics. It measures actual visitor behavior on the website. Sign up, watch a movie, and then understand behavior.
CNET runs a site called which is a great place to find software to download. You can sort by price, by operating system, and by rank either by the CNET editors or consumers. CNET makes sure there is no spyware.
Google provides a free starter set of software for the PC. The set includes Google Software, anti-spyware software, and the complete Sun Office Suite.
The Small Business Administration provides free services to small businesses. They provide planning aides, services, tools and local offices to help small businesses.
Small Business Trends is a site with information for Small Business. The site includes articles by experts, a newsletter, user forums, a marketplace of products, and a radio show.
How Stuff Works is an award winning website with information on how stuff works. It has lots of information in many categories. The site now has videos on how things work. can provide one phone number for life. The phone number can be routed to any combination of work, home and cell phones.
Alexa provides statistics on the web, with the top ten websites, movers and shakers for what is hot, and the top ten for a number of categories. Statistics are gathered only from those that download the Alexa Toolbar. follows and reports on worldwide consumer trends and summarizes that information on their website, in a free monthly newsletter, and in a yearly report. is a source of business ideas for entrepreneurs. They provide a database of business ideas, regular publications, and a worldwide network of spotters who identify new ideas is Netflix for books. Bookswim provides a way to sign up for a list of books, get the books in the mail, take as much time as you want to read them, and then return them.
Best for Chart -
Best for Chart - - is a online service that will help prepare flowcharts, home and office diagrams, maps, and network diagrams.
PR Web -
PR Web does Public Relations online. You create an account, upload your news or press release, and then PR Web does the rest. PR Web distributes to the media, but also distributes directly to consumers.
E Lance -
E Lance - is a way for businesses to find freelance support. ELance provides freelancers in the following categories: graphic design, programming, web design, business consulting, writing, and video and audio editing.
Business Dictionary -
Business Dictionary - - defines 20,000 business terms and has 115,000 links between words. Business Dictionary has words by categories, has a term of the day, and has HTML to put Business Dictionary on your own website.
Biz Buy Sell -
Business Buy Sell - - is a website that can help you buy a business or sell a business. Tools include a way to get an estimate of what your business is worth.
Fact Check - is an award winning website that checks the facts presented by political candidates in speeches and debates. It is non-partisan.
Google Pages -
Google pages is one of several services that allow the creation of websites without knowing HTML. Google pages is an easy to use fill-in-the-blanks service.
Mind Meister -
Mind Meister - - is an online service that provides a tool for technique of mind mapping. The cool is online, collaborative, and has various options to save the mind maps.
Goal Migo -
Goal Migo - - is a website that helps one meets their goals. Go to the website, set your goals, track your goals, share your goals, join groups with similar goals, and then achieve your goals.
Topix -
Topix - - is an interactive news site. You can review the news by top stories, by categories, or by city.
BizIII - the 400th Show
BizIII celebrates 400 shows as of today. Four Hundred Shows at 3 minutes a day is 20 hours worth of programming available on the BizIII Website.
Net Books -
Net Books - - is an integrated set of applications to manage small businesses. It is Software as a Service delivered over the Internet.
For Sale by Publisher -
For Sale by Publisher is a site that connects website publishers and advertisers in order to sell advertising with no commissions.
Flash Drives
Flash Drives are very small devices that store computer data. They plug into the USB of the computer and are available with no software or setup.
Revver -
Revver - - is a video service that shares revenue with the Video producers. Revver has announced that they have given a million dollars to the video producers in their first year.
The Storm Worm Botnet
The Storm Work Botnet is a series of computers that were compromised by the Storm Worm and collectively have more computing power than the largest super computer.
The Free Dictionary -
The Free Dictionary - - has a number of dictionaries, including English, Medical, Legal, Financial and Computer. There is an audio pronunciation guide, a thesaurus, and some word games.
The Task Bin -
The Task Bin - - provides a way to manage tasks online, collaborate across different offices, and set and focus on the priority tasks.
Sketch Cast -
Sketch Cast - - gives a quick way to add a simple video to an email or a blog post. You can do a quick sketch online while recording an audio and send it out using email.
Keyboard Shortcuts -
Keyboard Shortcuts - - provides a comprehensive list of programs with the keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts is often easier and quicker.
The Amazon MP3 Store
Amazon opened a new MP3 download store in competition with iTunes but Amazon has no DRM (Digital Rights Management).
eHow - How to do Just about Everything is a website that provides How to do Just about Everything information. There are a number of categories. Most of the articles have specific steps to accomplish the task or activity.
Free Phone Calls at provides free unlimited phone calls by providing advertisments during the phone call. The call is made in a browser and ads are shown on the computer screen.
Google Presentation
Google Presentation is now part of Google Docs. Google now has a free online office suite. Google Presentation is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.
ADXDirect is an advertising broker that targets the premium markets. Advertising brokers match publishers and advertisers.
Managing Your Internet Presence
Managing your internet presence, including websites, blogs, rss feeds, social media profiles, online bookmarks, photos and videos.
Managing Your Internet Presence - Domain Names
Managine your internet presence - getting and controlling your Domain Names.
Managing Your Internet Presence - What to do when it is obsolete?
What do you do with all the pieces of your Internet Presence when the a business shuts its door or when a person passes on.
Managing Your Internet Presence - Reputation Management
Managing Your Internet Presence - tips on managing your Internet Reputation.
Managing Your Internet Presence - Be careful of what you put on Socal Media Sites.
Managing your Internet Presence by being very careful of what you put on social media sites. Some stories of people who have put dangerous or incriminating information on Facebook or MySpace.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication: What is it?
RSS - Really Simple Syndication is online syndication. RSS provides content creators a way to announce that a website or blog has been updated.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication - Creating your own custom newsletter or magazine.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication allows us to create our own custom personal magazine or newspapers customized for our individual preferences.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication, blogs and ezines
RSS - Really Simple Syndication has a natural relationship with blogs. Most blog software services automatically create RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds can replace or suplement ezines - the electronic magazines.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication to create content for your website or blog
RSS - Really Simple Syndication creates feeds that are available to add content to your own website or blog.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication and Podcasts.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication can contain audio, and when audio is contained on an RSS feed it is called a Podcast.
Instant Messaging for Business - Overview.
Instant Messaging for Business - an Introduction and Overview of Instant Messaging and how it is being used in Business.
Instant Messaging for Business - Another Way to Communicate.
Instant Messaging for Business - Different vendors and clients prefer different ways to communicate over the Internet, some prefer Instant Messaging.
Instant Messaging for Business - Benefits.
Instant Messaging for Business - using Instant Messaging makes it easy to send URLs and Documents back and forth while chatting.
Instant Messaging for Business - Features.
Instant Messaging for Business - Features are being added to IM like voice communication and offline messages.
Instant Messaging for Business - Possibilities.
Instant Messaging for Business - Considering this free product to get started with Internet voice, video chat, and collaboration.
Building a Website - Plannng.
The first step in building a website is Planning. The website is at the intersection of the Business, the Internet, and the Customer, and the Plan considers all three.
Building a Website - Design.
The second step in building a website is Design. Define the content that is going to be a part of the website. Define the look and feel of the Website.
Building a Website - Construction.
The third step in building a website is Construction. Use good construction techniques in order for the website to run successfully and efficiently on all browsers.
Building a Website - Promotion.
The fourth step in building a website is Promotion. Promote your website by putting your Domain name everywhere, get quality links for your website, optimize your site for search engines, and consider advertising on the Internet.
Building a Website - Maintenance.
The fifth step in building a website is Maintenance. Maintain your website to make sure it continues to run. Measure your website to make sure it meets the business targets.
What are Backlinks?
What are Backlinks and why are they important? Google made them important by determining sort relevancy based on how many backlinks a website has.
Why are Backlinks Important?
Backlinks are important because they influence Search Results and because they bring direct traffic to your site.
Get Backlinks from Directories. What are directories?
There are various ways to get backlinks - one way is to register on Directories. What is a Directory and what is the difference between a Directory and a Search Engine?
Get Backlinks from Directories. How Directories Work.
How do Directories work and what are the Major Directories.
Get Backlinks from Directories. Register your website on many Directories.
Register your website on all the appropriate Directories to get backlinks and that includes General Purpose, Special Purpose, and Niche Directories.
Happy New Year from BizIII
Introduction to the new BizIII starting in 2010.
History of Search Engine Optimization
A brief history of Google and Search to describe how Search Engine Optimization became so important.