RSS - Really Simple Syndication, blogs and ezines
RSS - Really Simple Syndication has a natural relationship with blogs. Most blog software services automatically create RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds can replace or suplement ezines - the electronic magazines.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication to create content for your website or blog
RSS - Really Simple Syndication creates feeds that are available to add content to your own website or blog.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication and Podcasts.
RSS - Really Simple Syndication can contain audio, and when audio is contained on an RSS feed it is called a Podcast.
Instant Messaging for Business - Overview.
Instant Messaging for Business - an Introduction and Overview of Instant Messaging and how it is being used in Business.
Instant Messaging for Business - Another Way to Communicate.
Instant Messaging for Business - Different vendors and clients prefer different ways to communicate over the Internet, some prefer Instant Messaging.
Instant Messaging for Business - Benefits.
Instant Messaging for Business - using Instant Messaging makes it easy to send URLs and Documents back and forth while chatting.
Instant Messaging for Business - Features.
Instant Messaging for Business - Features are being added to IM like voice communication and offline messages.
Instant Messaging for Business - Possibilities.
Instant Messaging for Business - Considering this free product to get started with Internet voice, video chat, and collaboration.
Building a Website - Plannng.
The first step in building a website is Planning. The website is at the intersection of the Business, the Internet, and the Customer, and the Plan considers all three.
Building a Website - Design.
The second step in building a website is Design. Define the content that is going to be a part of the website. Define the look and feel of the Website.
Building a Website - Construction.
The third step in building a website is Construction. Use good construction techniques in order for the website to run successfully and efficiently on all browsers.
Building a Website - Promotion.
The fourth step in building a website is Promotion. Promote your website by putting your Domain name everywhere, get quality links for your website, optimize your site for search engines, and consider advertising on the Internet.
Building a Website - Maintenance.
The fifth step in building a website is Maintenance. Maintain your website to make sure it continues to run. Measure your website to make sure it meets the business targets.
What are Backlinks?
What are Backlinks and why are they important? Google made them important by determining sort relevancy based on how many backlinks a website has.
Why are Backlinks Important?
Backlinks are important because they influence Search Results and because they bring direct traffic to your site.
Get Backlinks from Directories. What are directories?
There are various ways to get backlinks - one way is to register on Directories. What is a Directory and what is the difference between a Directory and a Search Engine?
Get Backlinks from Directories. How Directories Work.
How do Directories work and what are the Major Directories.
Get Backlinks from Directories. Register your website on many Directories.
Register your website on all the appropriate Directories to get backlinks and that includes General Purpose, Special Purpose, and Niche Directories.
Happy New Year from BizIII
Introduction to the new BizIII starting in 2010.
History of Search Engine Optimization
A brief history of Google and Search to describe how Search Engine Optimization became so important.