Podcast Interviews

How to do technically do interviews. Information is provided for both Mac and PC.

Record a Podcast - One Person

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Record a Podcast - Multiple Live

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Record a Podcast - Phone Interview


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How to Record Interviews by Phone or VoIP for Podcast or Broadcast
This article shows you how to record phone or VoIP interviews, with high quality, for Podcasting or Broadcasting, with a standard PC, no expensive audio equipment and no prior training in audio production.
How to Record a Podcast Interview
My stumbling block? Turning interviews into podcasts using entirely digital production methods that would allow me to make phone calls and record directly to MP3 for simplicity. I worked it out, but not until I went through a lot of trial and error that I'll save you from.
How I record my phone interview podcasts
I've frequently been asked what kind of setup I use for recording my podcast interviews, especially those conducted over the phone. This is a seemingly simple task that actually can get quite convoluted, and I thought it might be instructive to let folks know exactly how I accomplish this.
How to Record a Phone Interview
Here's a rundown of phone interview recording techniques.
How to Record Cell Phone Conversations on a Digital Recorder
When conducting interviews or documenting customer service disputes, you may wish to record a cell phone conversation. While some phones have built-in voice recording features, connecting your phone to a digital recorder is an effective way to capture the entire conversation without limitations.